Wanted Poster, Susan Saxe, 70's Radical Bank Robber

Wanted poster for Susan Edith Saxe by the FBI for Interstate Flight-Murder; Theft of Government Property Bank Robbery. Identification Order 4403, dated October 3, 1970, based on a Federal warrant issued on September 24, 1970 at Boston, Massuchusetts and another Fedral warrant issued on October 1, 1970 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Saxe was a Brandeis honor student who became involved in an unnamed radial group, including Katherine Ann Power, dedicated to attacking the US military syatem asnd undermining police powers. She was involved in one bank robbert in Philadelphia and another in the Boston area w a Boston police office was killed with a machine gun. he was able to escape arrest until 1975 and served eight years for manslaughter and armed robbery. The back of the poster shows the addresses of various FBI offices. It also shows that this poster was never sent, although it had the tan color tape that secured it. The poster has a fold from mailing. T is a small tear at the bottom, in the middle Overall, very good condition. PayPal can be used. Shipping is $ 2.50.