Warhammer 40k Beautiful Black Templars painted army, 4k points Space Marines

Beautifully painted Black Templars army, years of work by the original painter, excellent weathering and modeling - makes for a crumping Templar army of 4000 points! Ride over your enemies in Land Raiders or just Drop in for a visit and show them the wrath of the Emperor's most ardent sons! Many models are magnetized and alternate weaponry included. All dreadnought variants have multiple weapons available. Squads have individual numbered squad markings. Drop pods have well-painted squad numbers/letters.
High Marshal Helbrecht
Custom The Emperor's Champion
Captain in Terminator Armor with TH/SS
Master of the Marches
2 Techmarines (see pics, beautiful models)
Forgeworld Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought 1 Dreadnought Drop Pod
Command Squad with beautiful free-hand Standard ("Helbrecht"), Company champion (power weapons, axes). Can also be used as Sword Brothers.
7 gorgeous terminators, two with assault cannons, Sergeant with power weapon
Marines to make up several squads (Crusader, Tactical)
35+ marines, including 5 plasma guns, 5 melta guns and combi-melta, 2 missile launchers, plasma cannon, 8 with bolt pistol/CCW, magnetized flamer
20+ Scouts/Neophytes, 10 with bolters and 10 with BP/CCW 1 Rhino 2 Lascannon Razorbacks (painted bits included to make
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