Warhammer 40K Cadian BattleForce plus Extras

Hey Folks,
Thanks for stopping by. What you are looking at is a Cadian Battleforce (20 Cadian Shock Troops, 3 Heavy Cadian Weapons Teams, 1 Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank, 1 set of Gothic Ruins), along with 17 more Shock Troops (2 have been semi-painted), 2 Lt's, 1 Booster pack of a Flag Bearer and a Medic, 2 TechPriest Enginseer's, and one pack of Snipers. The Battle force has been opened but I never did anything with it. So the pieces are still attached to the Original plastic sheets. The Extra Shock Troops I bought when you would get 20 Cadian Troopers instead of 10, I started on 2 of them but I never finished them, also I did lose one sheet hence the 17 instead of 20. One of the Techpriest boosters is open but has not been touched. The 2 Luitenants are out of the original packageing. The other 3 booster packs are still sealed and have never been opened. The Last thing is a pack of 10 Karskin Troopers. The box has been opened, and I did attach there packs but I never painted them or did anything else with them. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Please no International Shipping or Bids. Thank you again for looking.