Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine army lot C Havocs

Warhammer 40k

Chaos Space Marine army lot C

This great Chaos Space Marine army consists of the following models: 1 Chaos Space Marines Lord (metal model); 1 Chaos Sorcerer (metal model); 1 Chaos Icon Bearer (metal model); 5 Chaos Terminators (metal models); 5 Raptors (metal models); 2 10-man Chaos Space Marine Squads (metal & plastic models); 2 5-man Havoc Squads (metal & plastic models); 7 Possessed (plastic models); 1 Chaos Helbrute (plastic, conversion); 1 Chaos Space Marines Rhino (plastic model); and 1 Chaos Space Marines Predator (plastic model).

The models are assembled and in great condition! All models are metal, plastic, or a combination of metal and plastic (figure bases are plastic) – no Finecast. Note that the vehicle turrets and sponsons move freely. You will receive the actual Games Workshop items pictured.

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