Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar 2000+ point Army w/ Battlefoam

Complete Dark Eldar Army with Dark Eldar cut Battlefoam Trays. Some pieces are primed black, seven Wyches are painted. The base points of just the models is about 2000 without any upgrades. I will also include a ton of Dark Eldar bits so you can customize the army however you want. (I bought everything new and saved just about every sprue that still had something on it.) All models are from the latest Dark Eldar release.
Included Dark Eldar Codex (Latest Nov. 2010 Edition)
HQ 1 Archon (Finecast - Primed Black) 1 Haemonculus (Finecast - Primed Black)
Troop 40 Kabalite Warriors (30 assembled, 1 new sealed box - not primed) 30 Wyches (all assembled - 7 painted/majority primed black/some not primed)
Fast Attack 10x Hellions (assembled/primed black) 6x Reavers (assembled/primed black) 10x Scourge (8 assembled, 2 unassembled/not primed)
Elites 5 Incubi (Finecast/Not primed)
Heavy Support 2 Ravagers (assembled/not primed)
Dedicated Transports: 2 Raiders (Assembled/Primed Black) 2 Venoms (Partially assembled - weapons/cockpit glass not put on for ease of painting/Primed Black)
Battlefoam (All trays fit in Pack 720 - Note: Pack 720 is not included) Dark Eldar Warrior Tray Dark Eldar Wyche Tray Dark Eldar Hellion/Elite Tray 6" Custom 4x Raider/Ravager, 1x Venom, 3x Reaver Tray (Note: The Venom
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