Warhammer 40k Grey Knight Army 3000 pts w/ Case, Codex, Templates

Up for sale is one large Grey Knight Daemonhunter force.
I love the game but my wife and I are having our first child and I will no longer have time to play as I once did. The army is as listed as follows all models are painted unless noted otherwise:
Metal Lord Kaldor Draigo (pro painted)
Metal Castellan Crowe (pro painted)
Metal Castellan Crowe (some paint)
Metal Brother Captain Stern (pro painted)
Grey Knight Grand Master
Metal Inquisitor Coteaz
Metal Rouge Trader Inquisitor (primed)
1 Metal Inquisition Retinue (surveyor, cherub, etc)
4 Metal Pro Painted Assassins ( one of each type. Vindicate, Eversor, Callidus, Calviours)
10 Plastic Grey Knight Terminators (One banner, assorted halbreds, swords, and hammers - see pictures)
8 Metal Grey Knight Terminators (assorted weapons) - one primed rest painted
12 Grey Knights (Some have strike squad backpacks)
3 Grey Knight Justicars (for use with the 12 troops)
1 Pro painted Inquisitor Rhino with forgeworld brass
1 Pro painted Inquisitor Rhino with plow and forgeworld doors and brass
1 Pro painted Inquisitor/Grey Knight Chimera with forgeworld doors, brass, turrets
1 Stormraven gunship (needs grey knight detailing but mostly painted)
1 Titan (needs
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