Warhammer 40K Massive Necromunda lot, terrain, chaos cultists, traitor guard

Up for bid is this massive Warhammer 40K Necromunda lot of figures and terrain. Whether you play the game or simply use these minis for chaos cultists/traitor guardsman, you’ll rarely see such a large lot of these rare pieces. This lot contains the following pieces NIP unless noted; 1 Pit Slave Ganger blister (2 figs per blister, 1 armed w/ bolt pistol, 1 w/ plasma pistol, and saw arms) 1 Pit Slave Chief (Shotgun and saw) 3 Pit Slave Technos (Armed with Plasma Gun, these Pit Slaves would make great servitors) 1 House Goliath leader w/ Grenade Launcher 1 House Goliath leader w/ melta 3 Blisters of House Goliath juves (2 figs per blister, armed with bolt/auto pistols) 1 House Goliath Heavy Stubber 3 House Cawdor Heavy Stubber (1 out of package) 2 Blisters House Cawdor Juves w/ autopistol 3 House Cawdor leaders w/ bolt pistol/chainsword 4 Orlock Juves (2 NIP, 2 out of package) 3 Scalies with Scattergun 2 Scalies with speargun 1 Demonblade Deminator (3rd party beastman-like mutant) 3 sprues of 4 plastic Goliath figs (each sprue missing 1 arm, but has plenty of extra arms for customizing) 3 sprues of 4 plastic Catachan like models (House Orlock?) small lot of plastic tree sprues A large lot of paper terrain, in good condition. (Occasional creases, scuffs, ect, but most pieces show little wear.) A small bunch of GorkaMorka Terrain
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