Warhammer 40k ork army, heavily converted

This package includes:
-29 ork slugga boyz, 2 have rokkit launchas, 1 has a big shoota
-12 'ard boyz, 2 have burnas and 1 has a big shoota
-10 kommandos w/ stikkbombz, 1 has a big shoota and 1 has a burna
-24 gretchin w/ slaver
-7 burna boyz, 4 have burnas, one of which is a mekboy w/ a burna
-5 warbikes including 1 nob w/ a power claw (one warbike is converted from a imperial sentinal chassis fitted with rockets, which could also function as a copta)
-1 warboss w/ mega armour (converted from the Ghazghkull model) and attack squig
-1 big mek or painboss (converted from the mad dok grotsnik model)
-1 HEAVILY converted battlewagon
-1 warbuggie w/ twin-linked rokkit launcha
-1 ork dreadnaught w/ rokkit launcha and big shoota
-1 ork killer kan (i lost the weapon for it somew so im throwing it in for free)
-4 nobs, 1 w/ mega armour
All models are un painted or partially painted. Many of the models are heavily converted, namely the 'ard boys who have extra armour in the form of tyranid armour plates, and the kommandos.
please allow 4 days after payment for it to be shipped out.
many games have been played with this army and i have had a lot of fun building it.
If you have any questions PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO ASK!