2 Warhammer 40K Predator Imperial Assault Tanks

An interesting lot of 2 Warhammer 40K Predator Imperial Assault Tanks, with assembly instruction sheet, along with a bag of extra parts, in an old Warhammer Leman Russ Imperial Battle Tank box. I picked this lot up at an estate sale, and I know nothing about the Warhammer 40K products . I believe these tanks to be Predator Imperial Assault Tanks because the instruction sh eet is for that tank model, and the 2 tanks look like the on shown on the instruction sheet. The tanks are what appears to be partially completed and unpainted. The bag of parts may give you what you'd need to have to complete or modify the assembly of the tanks. The tanks, parts and instruction sheet are all packed in an old Leman Russ Imperial Battle Tank box . The box is in pretty good condition but it has some Sharpie writing in the red margin at the lower part of the box top. I hope someone can use these items. If anyo ne wants to provide me with more details about exactly what these tanks are, please contact me, and I'll add your comments to this listing. Sold "As described, as shown in the attached photos and as is." Buyer to pay the actual cost of Priority Mail postage with
Tracking (actual International Priority Mail cost outside the U.S.). Package will weigh just under 2 pounds.