Warhammer 40k - Space Wolves army lot


this is a n assembled army with a few pieces that need re-glueing

this deal comes with everything you see here.

20 space wolves troops

4 SW bikes.

2 Rhinos

2 Preadators

1 dreadnought

5 long fangs

6 scouts? (the y are the young SW troops. not sure they're names.)

there are 2 troops that need guns glued back in and 1 arm reattached. both the pread ators have one lascannon sponson that has come off and needs reglueing but no damag e. the white preaditor w as assembled a little incorrectly but its not really noticeable. the sponsons are afixed incorrectly.

this is an as is deal. ill throw in some left over bits sprues aswell.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask . good luck.