Warhammer 40k Tau Army 50% off price +bits bag

Priced out on everything comes to right above $450.00 but I'm about to move to another state so just want to get rid of it and make some moving money in the process.

Painted to Tabletop quality with winter camouflage theme:

3 Crisis suits

Etal with 2 handed weapon

12 Fire Warriors

19 Kroot + 1 shaper

1 Hammerhead with Railgun

9 Gun drones

Unpainted / Primed / Other:

Etal with 2 weapons

5 Pathfinders

2 Pathfinders new in blister

4 Kroot Hounds new in blister

Hammerhead with Railgun (missing peg between turret and gun)

2 Devilfish

9 Old style Stealth suits, 6 normal and 3 of the commander version (Think a few of the backpack antenna missing)

2 bags of bits, tons of weapons, drone and FW parts, and at least 1 more Kroot hound and pathfinder but didn't see the metal arm for pathfinder.

Newest Codex

Old Codex

Everything is a little bit dusty from being in a box in my closet for a while but nothing an air hose or a quick trip to the sink can't fix.