Warhammer 40K Tau Empire - Fire Warriors x12 w/ Ethereal

You are bidding on twelve (12) Firewarriors with pulse rifles/carbines produced by Games Workshop for the Tau Empire of Warhammer 40k. Also included is a bare metal/pewter Ethereal model.
The models are half painted in a blue pattern. Some shoulder pads and backpacks appear to be missing.
Feel free to ask any questions.
Thanks for looking and good luck
Please closely examine the models in the pictures as that is what you will be recieving and many models may be incomplete, i.e. missing pieces, unless specifically noted otherwise.
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BITS items cost $2.50 for shipping and ship for FREE with any other combined items.
Shipping Examples: 1 item -> $5.00 3 items and 2 BITS -> $10.00 5 item -> $12.50 9 items -> $12.50
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