Warhammer 40K *NEW* Tyranid Gaunts Box Set x2

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You are looking at a new Warhammer 40K Tyranid Gaunts box set x2 (for a total of 32 gaunts) . You will receive four sprues of hormagaunts, containing four hormagaunts each -- for a total of 16 hormagaunts. You will receive four sprues of termagaunts, containing four termagaunts each -- for a total of 16 termagaunts. For 32 total gaunts. You will receive four bio-morphs weapons sprues allowing you to arm your termagaunts with the various options available in the Tyranid codex. You will receive 32 small round GW bases and 2 medium round GW base for a ripper swarm. These items are brand new, on the sprue and shipped without the actual GW box. All items are in stock and will ship immediately. Buy with confidence - check out our feedback!

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The Termagant is agile, fast, cunning, and deadly despite its small size relative to other Tyranids. Most commonly equipped with the basic fleshborer weapon symbiote, it is undoubtedly the most common species of the Gaunt genus and fulfils the role of common foot soldier in Tyranid swarms. Termagants have been known to be expended by the
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