Warhammer 40K Tyranids Army

Complete balanced Tyranid Army!

All the basics for a steal so you can focus on all the new nasties. Here is what you are getting:

50+ Hormagaunts (more on sprues)

50+ Termagants (w/Fleshborers, more on sprues)

11 Warriors (2 Venom Cannons, 3 Devourers, 3 Deathspitters, 3 NIB)

23 Genestealers (12 w/Scything Talons, 11 normal)

14 Ripper Swarms

8 Raveners (w/deathspitters)

3 Biovores w/spores

2 Lictors

1 Venomothrope (NIB)

1 Carnifex (Screamer-Killer setup)

Winged Hive Tyrant

Homemade Warrior Alpha (minor magnetization)

Trygon (homemade)

Brood Lord

2nd Hive Tyrant (started construction and magnetization, includes additional magnets to complete)

A ridiculous amount of extra bits inc. flight of 22 metal Gargoyles!

A bunch of old metals painted in ancient color scheme inc. 2 Carnifexes!

Starting bid of $400, many of the pieces are pre-painted.

This is a lot of pewter and plastic and I will be happy to split shipping as it will be coming in two boxes to help protect the models. The shipping cost will cover the cost of both boxes.