Warhammer Battle for Skull Pass Game w extras! almost complete GAMES WORKSHOP

Up for Auction is a copy of Warhammer: Battle for Skull Pass ! With extras!
I am including a pair of plastic cutters, a metal tin of (10) red Warhammer dice, a container of adhesive, and a white metal dwarf figure.
All the pieces are assembled, in perfect condition, and are unpainted.
Included in this set
2 ( pretty shitty ) standard plastic rulers the 3 plastic templates required for Warhammer 10 six-sided (d6) dice artillery and scatter dice 40 Night Goblin Spearmen 20 Night Goblin Archers 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders 2 Night Goblin characters (Big Boss and Shaman) 1 Troll 12 Dwarf Warriors 10 Dwarf Thunderers 8 Dwarf Miners 1 Dwarf Cannon with crew 2 Dwarf characters (Thane and Dragon Slayer) Dwarf and Night Goblin themed scenery Original box
The set is almost entirely complete. However, it is missing the getting started and pocket rule book. However, both of these are available online as a printable pdf.
Shipping will be 18$ and there is no reserve.
Thanks for Looking!