Warhammer Chaos Army 3k points 10 knights not painted!

Selling a huge Warhammer Chaos Army. The army is put together, some models are primed. Some of the Marauders were painted, but can easily be painted over!!! 90% of the models have EARTH MAGNETS ON THE BASE! with Magnetic trays for easy transport!!!!
Chaos Warriors CODEX!
10 Chaos War Hounds, Newest version, plastic.
24 Chaos Warriors! All Warriors armed with Sword and Shield! (*Newest models) Including command!
10 Chaos Knights (the new version of the plastic ones) I armed them with Lances and shield. The models are assembled, very clean. But the Riders are not glued to the horses, so easier when it comes time to paint!! Including Command!
1 Chaos Lord, on Demonic Steed! Glued, pinned, and puddied professionally!
1 Chaos Lord on Juggernaut! Glued, pinned, and puddied professionally!
1 Chaos Chosen Champion, the Sword and Shield
1 Chaos priest, the nurgle model
5 (newer version) Chaos Marauder Horsemen! Also without rider glued onto horses!
40, FORTY!!! Marauders. They are all armed with custom GREAT WEAPONS!, and then have shields either on their backs on on their hips. For a little save as you walk you, Mark of Frenzy, str 5 Marauders up to combat. (3 ranks of 10 is still 40 attacks back!!!!!), comes with 2 commands incase u want to break them up into 2 smaller units!
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