Warhammer Chaos Warrior / Beastmen Army (50+ models) Classic

Warhammer Chaos Warrior Army (50+ models)
Models are classic 5th-7th edition
From left-right
21x Chaos Warriors with full command (plastic)
14x Forsaken, full command (plastic) + Inside unit- 1x Exalted Hero Battle Standard Bearer, Exalted Hero (Metal)
15x Ungors, Full Command + 1x Hero Beastigor (Metal)
1x Beastmen Shaman (Metal) 1x Beastmen Combat Lord (Metal)
53x Total models
All painted to a strong tabletop standard+consistent basing+magnetized bottoms. An excellent starting point for any army or a great way to add to a classic army collection.
Suitable for Kings of War, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar