Warhammer Empire State Halberds x15 with metal command parts OOP #1

This lot contains the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire State Halberd Unit of 15, They are plastic w/ Metal command components, Out-of-Print (OOP) 5th/6th Edition.Empire armies often include large numbers of missile troops, armed with either Handguns or Crossbows. These troops support the larger infantry units as either detatchments or in larger units that form part of the battle line.Retails for around $35.00 Great for any Warhammer Imperial army, Mordheim....or even Heroscape! I do Combine shipping! Pay the full shipping for the first auction, then +$1 for each additional auction (figures or books) for US & Canada. +$2 for each additional auction (figures or books) for all other International. The Items in the picture are the items for Sale.