Warhammer Fantasy 25mm QBS Painted Avatars of War Dwarf Master Pathfinder

Description: Dwarf Master Pathfinder. Original metal miniature. About us This studio is composed of a group of friends, miniatures painters and wargamers from 20 years ago. We enjoy painting and finding solutions to our imaginative ideas. We hope to offer you these painting services and you can also enjoy them. Payment Terms Only PayPal payment is accepted.We'll ship you after your payment and you receive the item within 7-21 days. After winning your item you must pay within 7 days, please. After this time we cancel your purchase. Shipping Terms 10$ Europe, 14$ Worldwide. We will ship you the item to the confirmed address by PayPal, except you do a change of accurate address. You will receive your item within 7-21 days. We will give you a track number for following your item. We combine shipping charges if you win several items. 100% higher shipping charge + 6 USD for each additional item. Also, we can ship you by UPS. See details. Feedbacks After your payment we'll give you positive feedback inmediately. We also hope receive your positive feedback. Return Items A defective item can be returned if you are dissatisfied with it within 14 days. We will give you refund except shipping charges. Contact Us If you have any problem feel free to contact us and we will answer you within 24h. We prefer to find a solution to any trouble before ... read more