Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire Army Lot

The models you see are what you get.
For sale is a mostly assembled Empire army. Some of them were in the process of having their bases replaced with Shogun Miniatures magnetic bases. A few of the spears have snapped and a few of the models are missing bases. Only one state troop has paint on him. Everything else is either assembled and bare or new on sprue. The dwarf organ gun and the pewter Heldorado knight are included for free, along with any extra parts that I find.
1 master engineer on mechanical steed
Battle Standard Bearer with Griffon Banner
Empire General (mounted and on foot)
1 third party knight (From Heldorado) free
16 knights
10 pistoliers/outriders
1 Captain of the Empire
1 Warrior Priest of Sigmar
40 great swords 10 are new on sprue
40 state troops new on sprue
40 handgunners
24 state troop swordmen including command command
33 state troop spears
2 mortars
2 cannons
Volley gun
1 organ gun free
Please note: I will wrap the models as best as is possible. Each model will be individually bubble-wrapped. However, due to the nature of this product, some items may receive minor damage from the carriers.