Warhammer Fantasy HIGH ELVES ARMY LOT NEW ELF Bolt Thrower Mage Prince Chariot +

Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Army Lot
This Auction is for the items Listed/Pictured Here.
All models are complete, but many are not 100% assembled.
All bits are included to make all models 100% complete, many with options and variations.
1x Custom Archmage (Death Mage based off of Mage kit)
1x Mage on Horseback
1 Korhil (Pewter)
1x Noble Battle Standard (from Noble kit)
1x Lion Chariot (Missing base)
8x Silver Helms
16x Archers
40x Spearmen (2 units, 20 with Magnetized bases and movement trays, 16 new on sprue)
1x Repeater Bolt Thrower
1x High Elves Army Book
From the Island of Blood Starter Set I have:
1x Prince on Griffin
20x Sword Masters
10x Ellyrian Reavers
20x Lothern Sea Guard
1x High Elf Mage
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