Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman Slann Lord Kroak

Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman Slann Lord Kroak Metal model.

Movement Trays are not included unless specifically stated that they come with the models.

If you ever have a problem with anything you buy from me , for any reason, please contact me immediately so I can work to fix it. I don't want anyone to be dis-satisfied with something they get from me. Leaving negative feedback hurts us all, driving up the cost of listings, which is going to affect the prices I put on items. Give me a chance to fix your problem, whatever it is.

I sell a lot of used Models. Used models may have modeling defects like a mold line left on, or a bit of extra glue. They may also have some cool conversions, be partially painted, based, or come ready to put on the table. I try to give good information, but the picture is always going to be the best source of information for you. I also may have bits and pieces from some of the used armies I sell. If you get some extra pieces in your shipment, don't worry about it. It means I was just cleaning up some bitz and throwing something extra in your shipment that I thought you might be able to use.

Shipping cost listed in auction is for postage only, we don't charge a handling fee. Combined shipping available by combined weight of items (usually the cost to ship one or slightly
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