Warhammer Orcs and Goblins Night Goblin HORDE set 4

This one is special... This is set four of five, 58 Night Goblins with 4 netters! 2 different standard bearers, 2 musicians, 1 champion with a pet squig and 1 champion missing the left arm. WHATS SPECIAL ABOUT THESE NIGHT GOBLINS...? These ones aren't from the Island of Blood set, these are the ones that come from the Night Goblin box sets of 20, they all don't just have spears, they have clubs, swords, bats with nails in them, hooks, fun things! I believe the only Night Goblins in this set from the Island of Blood set are the champ, standard and musician. Again, I have more Orcs and Goblins up for auction so check them out, .

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