Warhammer Orcs & Goblins: Night Goblins x44 incl. two Shamans bare

This lot contains the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Orcs & Goblins: Night Goblins x44, can form two units of 20 (one w/ spears the other w/ bows) + two Shamans, Bare, Battle of Skull Pass (BSP) Edition.Night Goblins are petty, if cowardly creatures and their Shamans prepare them for battle by brewing huge quantities of fungus beer.Retails for $85.00 Great for any Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army, Mordheim....or even Heroscape! I do Combine shipping! Pay the full shipping for the first auction, then +$1 for each additional auction (figures or books) for US & Canada. +$2 for each additional auction (figures or books) for all other International. The Items in the picture are the items for Sale.