Waring Commercial Blender 33bl79 (700) Brand New Open Box

Waring Commercial Blender 33bl79 (700) Brand New Open

Single speed

32-ounce stainless-steel container--perfect for 2 tall blender drinks

Sold as pictured.

Policy on Opening and/or Disassembly of the Item

If the item is DOA or does not work as intended please notify the seller as soon as practicable but within the 14 day return policy below. Do not attempt to open or disassemble the item. If the item is opened or disassembled without prior written consent of the seller - the item cannot be returned notwithstanding the 14 day return policy below and voids any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.

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14 Days NON DOA return accepted.

Guaranteed no DOA and if returned due to DOA I will refund the amount you bid on eBay for the item, but not the shipping or packing materials charges. If an item is listed as with “FREE SHIPPING” the amount of shipping cost that will be deducted from the purchase price is the ACTUAL AMOUNT paid for shipping cost as shown in the shipping label.

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