Warm Current III Metal Art For Modern Settings, Contemporary Home Decor

Artwork Details Artist: Ash Carl
Title: Warm Current III
Size: 23.5" T x 51" W
Year: 2011
Material: Steel
Gallery: $676
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From Ash: First off, thank you for taking the time to view my artwork. I am pleased to offer my artwork to you. My work is collected in every U.S. state and worldwide in over 35 different countries! Each piece is very time consuming and involves much tedious work to get the right reflections and the proper style.


This metal wall decor was created in my studio for my 2011 limited edition. It features an array of great detail. These pieces cannot be justified by pictures. The reflections that are hand ground and sanded into the metal of each piece can only show their best qualities in person. This piece seems to "move" as you walk past it. The artwork has a three dimensional appearance that will attract anyone who sees it. This museum quality metal wall art will leave your guests speechless!!!

This 4 panel metal wall sculpture by artist Ash Carl will mesmerize you and your guests! The hand sanded finish on the metal
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