Warmachine Cryx Painted Army

Listed here is my cryx army. Everything is painted except for what is specifically listed as not painted and those which are listed as not painted are either bare metal, not finished or have been stripped. In either of those cases the models could easily be primed as is with no loss of detail.

Asphyxious the hellbringer


Warwitch Deneghra (Not Painted)




2 Slayers

2 Ripjaws

2 Stalkers


10 Bane Thralls

Bane Thrall officer and standard

10 Bane Knights (not Painted)

6 Bile Thralls (Not Painted)

Bane Lord Tartarus

2 Bloat Thralls

2 Warwitch Sirens

3 Scrap Thralls

Machine Wraith (Not Painted)

2 General Gerlack

Brute Thrall

Skarlock Thrall (Not painted)

The army comes with official cryx tokens, a hard cover faction book and what few cards I have for them. Not all models may have their cards but I will send what I have (I use war room)

Everything Included go for $908.71 and the lare part of this army is painted very well. Don't miss out, OFFERS will be considered!

More pictures upon request