Warner Bros Store Wiley Wile E Coyote Resin Figurine,Lg

This auction is for a very unique Wile E. Coyote resin sculpture that I purchased from the Warner Bros. Store in Omaha 13 years ago, in 1994. It is a large, very heavy piece. The title of the sculpture is "Happiness is Retirement". It features Wile E. Coyote packing up his desk and office, no doubt after a long, and somewhat successful career at ACME. I always enjoyed this sculpture, but I no longer have room for it. It is 10" high, and the base is 7" square. The only two things to mention that could be of concern are some minor scuffs on the edge of the desk, which have always been t I think that is the way it was supposed to look since it was that way when I bought it. The other thing may be my imagination, but sometimes I think I hear a small sound when the sculpture is tilted backward. I think it may be the back wall, which is very heavy. The wall is mounted solidly ( no wobble), but t may be a bit of friction w it is mounted into the base. All in all, this piece is in very good to excellent condition. It's one of those "happy" pieces....it makes you smile. The sculpture alone weighs 6 pounds and 6 ounces, and will require careful packing on my part, so the overall weight of the package will be around 9-10 pounds. Please consider purchasing insurance for this item, even though I will package it securely.