US Warner Drug co nice color ad cover to Moncton, NB Canada 1895 MS0430

US nice Warner drug overall ad cover 1895 to Moncton, NB Canada 1895 NOTE opened roughly at top , see photo, buyers with US address pay $1.50 postage, orders over $50.00 include insurance (tracking) in postage fee, If you want tracking for orders under $50.00 postage is $2.50, Tracking for orders outside is $14.00 for registered mail, this is the lowest fee for tracking, All orders outside will be charged $14.00 for tracking on orders over $50.00 If you do not want tracking on orders up to $99.00 contact us , depending on feedback and country of destination your order may be sent regular mail. FEEDBACKS we reply to all feedbacks give to us, If you do not leave feedback and want feedback contact us. If you order more than one item wait for an invoice for combined shipping. Due to theft of mail we do not ship to China, Russia Federation, Serbia and other coutries,