Warren Spahn Signed 3 1/2 by 5 Inch Picture Died 2003 - Braves HOF Pitcher

The signed card offered here is a 3 1/2 by 5 inch picture of Warren Spahn. I have a nice collection of autographs that were taken in the mid 70s of deceases players that will be offered over the next few days. Shipping $2.50. Other signed cards I will be offering of deceased players in other listings are of: Buck Jordan, John Henry Kramer, Virgil Davis, Ken Lehman, Ed Mayo, Bobby Morgan, Billy Williams, Richard Bartell, Wally Berger, Bill Werber, Luke Sewell, Andy Pafko, Jack Wisner, Burgess "Whitey" Whitehead, Bob Seeds, Bill Werber, Luke Sewell, Herman Franks, Jim 'Catfish" Hunter, Ted Williams, Albert Bert Tooley, Johnny Pesky, Jack Wisner, Paddy Livingston with 1910-1911 Philadelphis Athletics Connie Mack W/S Champions, Charles A Deal, Sammy White, Billy Herman, Bob Forsch, Mel Parnell, Johnny Pesky, Jimmie Reese, Ted Williams, Walt Dropo, Bobby Thompson, Buhie Kuhn, and others. Each additional card purchased will be shipped free.