Szlakiem nauki talmudycznej..
The Trail of Talmudic Teachings Rabbi Meir Shapiro, founder and first head of Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin and chief rabbi of Lublin.

This book, authored by Rabbi Dr. Hillel Seidman in Warsaw 1934, is in Polish. It consists of 81 pages and measures 23.5 x 16 cm [softcovered]. It has a preface by the famous Rabbi Aharon Levin of Reisha [Rzeszow]. It contains many first hand details and images of the Yeshivah Chachmei Lublin from its founding. This book is extremely RARE!!!!

Reb Hillel Seidman, the author of "The Warsaw Ghetto Diary" held the official position of Chief Archivist for the Warsaw Jewish Community.

Rabbi Shapiro's address during the Yeshiva's cornerstone-laying

Rabbi Yisrael Friedman (the Chortkover rebbe), and Rabbi Moshe Friedman of Cracow [Boyan]

The banner of the Yeshiva

The funeral of Rabbi Meir Shapira

The auditorium-synagogue of the yeshiva, and the Aron Kodesh

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