WarZone Mishima Warheads NEW blister packs with characters! Samurai!!

Here is a lot of Mishima Warhead troops in un-opened blister packs! Great for Warzone/mutant Chronicles games, or any 28mm sci fi based miniatures rules.

These are hard hitting bonzi style troops, heavy armored troops in the Mishima (samurai based) army.

Here is what you get:

3 x Warhead blisters (3 metal models each)

1 x Daemon Hunter blisters (1 model per blister; all metal. Heavy armored with heavy weapon and katana!)

1 x Hero (1 metal model armed with two swords!)

11 metal models in all. Hard to find miniatures! Will work for 40k as well (Imp. guard troops for sure).

Email me with any more Warzone needs. I have a bunch more brand new blister packs.