This is an exceptionally good deep-bodied electric archtop guitar heavily inspired by the iconic Gibson L5 CES design, and which Washburn no longer produces, which is a pity, although I have seen the odd on-line retailer recently still offering the model new at around £500. The forum comments you read on the net suggest that recent models have been Chinese made and not of the high quality of the earlier Korean (probably the Samick factory?), or even Japanese made ones. It is also suggested that early Japanese made models were all Maple construction, rather than later/recent production featuring a Spruce top on Maple back and sides. This, of course is only "forum chatter", and you may have better information.

I have had the guitar a little time, and the previous owner, I believe, had it for about 6 years, but having bought it secondhand himself, could not confirm it's age. Unlike the two other J6s I have, one the upgraded J6S Wes Montgomery model, the guitar appears to have no inside

Although my main interest is in Vintage guitars, and in the main acoustics at that, I am also very partial to what might be called "replica" guitars - quality guitars based very closely on iconic models such as the L5 - which can be of very good quality and often represent outstanding guitars (and value!) in their own right - you do have to ask the question as to whether the original is worth 10x plus? Hence my enthusiasm for the Washburn J range (anybody got a J9 to sell? - I had one a few years ago and should never have sold it!). The particular point about this guitar is the Maple all round, Top, Sides and Back - superbly showing the attractive graining, particularly on this "Blonde" natural finish model, but held by some to have sonic advantages over Spruce topped equivalents. To me this guitar just has that "right look" of a serious quality jazz guitar!

Great sound for Jazz and Blues styles! Deep bodied - 8.5mm. front, 9.5mm. back. Superb to play with usual 42mm. nut width to the really classy looking inlayed Rosewood fingerboard, quite shallow "C" profile neck and superb action, around 1.75mm./2mm. at the 12th fret, but with height adjustable floating Rosewood Bridge. Currently strung with D'Addario Stainless Steel Ground Half-Round Medium Gauge (11-49) strings, which seem OK, although if you prefer, I can re-string with Rotosound Top Tape RS200 Monel Flatwound 12-52 Jazz Guitar Strings.

For a guitar which, from the little I know must be a minimum of 10 years olsd, and may indeed be somewhat older than I think, it really is in exceptional condition, with hardly a blemish! It hardly seems necessary to describe at length the features of such a well known style of guitar - I'm sure that thhe photos more than adequately show the condition and quality looks, including the full multi-binding to the body and fingerboard. It really looks and sounds the part, with Twin Humbuckers, with usual dual tone and volume controls, and gold plated machineheads and tailpiece,.

There is no case included, but I if required I could include a padded gig-bag. Alternatively, although large 17" cases are difficult too come by, I do have a couple, and if you would like the guitar sent in a case, I will be happy to discuss with you a combined price for the guitar plus case, and t...
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