washburn NX3 guitar, Mint! N4, N3, N2 Nuno Bettencourt

On offer here is my fantastic Washburn NX3 electric guitar in a gorgeous & unusual army green matt paint finish - looks & feels amazing. It is in absolutely wonderful condition - there's baraly any signs of use whatsoever on it & I doubt you'd find a finer example anywhere. & know that you're buying from an honest & trustworthy seller: there will be no nasty surprises with this - she's in fantastic cosmetic condition & plays like a dream with no technical issues or problems whatsoever. This is a tip-top guitar.

Full insurance IS included in the shipping price & she'll come with a good quality padded gigbag (see pics). Local pickup is, of course, most welcome.

I bought this from new around 6 or 7 years ago (can't remember exact date) for £500, & these were discontinued soon after that - rumour has it that Washburn were unhappy that these were taking sales away from their more expensive N4 models so stopped producing them. These are now very rare .

I love this guitar: it's got an absolutely amazing fast & comfortable neck (one of the best I've ever played in my 20-something years of playing) , nice low action, good quality licensed Floyd Rose double locking trem, really decent pickups (the yellow & red you can see are custom-cut pickup cover stickers, the pups themselves
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