Washington Nationals 2014 NL East Division Champions Championship Belt

Enclosed inthis auction is the following item(s):

One (1) Custom Made "Washington Nationals 2014 NL East Division Champions" Championship Belt

THE NATIONALS ARE 2014 NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST DIVISION CHAMPIONS!! Celebrate the Washington Nationals on winning the NL East Division Championship and punching their ticket to the MLB Playoffs with this custom designedchampionship belt. Created with a WWE Championship Belt and a little ingenuity and creativity, we have created a special belt designed to be a collector’s item for any true fan of the Nationals & MLB. This special belt can't be found in any store or on any other website, so please take the time to purchase this once-in-a-lifetime item.

Additionally, this auction comes with a special bonus offer. If you use the "Buy It Now" feature to purchase a "2014 Washington Nationals NL East Division Champions" belt and the Nationals go on to win the NLCS and go to the World Series, we will take 15% off the price of the "2014 Washington Nationals National League Champions" belt. It's our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer for Belts for the True Fan, Inc.

Also, you are not limited to just the belts that we have on our website, so if you have any ideas for a custom belt that we can make for you, please e-mail us and we will design a belt specifically
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