Washington Pro-Baseball, Inc. stock prospectus

This is an unusual baseball collectible - a stock prospectus. This is a preliminary prospectus issued on August 18, 1976, by a group led by Joseph Wheeler (Washington Pro-Baseball, Inc.) to raise between $5 and $23 million that would be used towards getting a Major League Baseball club in the Washington DC area by opening day of 1978. Needless to say, this did not occur.
This prospectus is about 36 pages long, with internal pages photocopied. Includes photocopied cover letter, and 2-sided sheet for indicating interest in stock and tickets. The prospectus is staples on the side, and is copy 01905. Includes a seating chart of RFK Stadium, and proposed ticket prices (ranging from $1.25 for bleacher seats, to $16 for the Infield Mezzanine seats).
I listed and sold a copy of the final prospectus on EBay at the end of 2013, but just found this copy of the preliminary prospectus.

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