Here is a nice old omega watch,im no watch expert,so im just listing what it says.

watch works fine and keeps perfect time

the strap is a replacement i think,as its american,made by speidel usa

in the back of the watch we have

13322 on back

6444 on back

12455571 on movement

denisteel on back

15 jewels on movement

265 on movement with omega symbol

444 is hidden on the underneath of the watch and is hidden by the watch back

movement says swiss and omega

movement is nice and clean

made in england

the hands and numbers are glow in the dark and have been painted splodgy and are probably raidioactive

one of the pictures show the side of the watch which has been damaged where it has been opened

the glass has some scratches on it and a little crack in-between the no 7 and 8 about 4mm

the back of the watch has a couple of rust pot-holes about 1mm max wide and about 3 of them but you dont notice them when wearing the watch

feel free to ask any questions

and please if you want the watch and win the auction can you please pay for it as i will report non payers - as i have had quite a few non payers in the past