Watch Band Collar KUB Adjustable, Restraint, Medium

This exquisite collar is made of several single links, similar to a metal watchband, but much heavier. The links are about 2 cm wide and 0.5 to 0.8 cm thick. T is a 1" ring attached to the front to enable attachment of a lead chain or other device. These are high quality made of nickel-plated brass by KUB Industries . This collar has 2 locking positions which lock with a padlock. I'll even include the padlock. This is the medium version fits neck circumferences from 40-48 cm and weighs an impressive 24.5 oz. This piece is a work of art.

These are manufactured by KUB and are of very high quality. is what an e-bay guide about restraint collecting has to say about KUB: "KUB Industries is currently manufacturing high quality reproduction and fantasy cuffs. They sell for $50 on up. They are nice enough that they may be worthy of keeping in a collection and may be collectible in their own right." Mark E-bay guides

I personally believe in the quality of these products and all of my sales have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I sell these at shows for $80 but you can get them much cheaper because it is cheaper for me to sell them on e-bay.