Watch Tower Reprints-Selling 3 Volumes #4, #5, #6 1901-1915 Russell IBSA Jehovah

All three of these Reprint Volumes need to be recovered. They have firm spines. Volume 6 is missing the large photo of Pastor Russell which was always the first page of all of the Reprint Volumes. Also the first page of the Jan. 1, 1911 Watch Tower is not attached. In Vol. 4, the March 15, 1905 issue has one mutilated page. It appears without going page by page that all the other pages in the three volumes are in good condition,
Two of the three volumes have labels inside front covers indicating they once belonged to Spokane Bible Class, W. 3828 Princeton, Spokane, Washington. These three Reprint volumes don't look very good, but are great research resources.