watch ZARIA nominal XXV congress COMMUNIST USSR 1976

Soviet Russian mechanical watch ZARJA


Very rare watch.

Are issued before XXV congress of Communist party of Soviet Union ,

- the major political event in the USSR.

Nominal. On the steel back an inscription in Russian, - " to the Delegate of

XXV congress of the CPSU to comrade Mashkovsky S.M. ".

Were made in 1976 years in Soviet Union.

"ZARIA"is a wide spectrum of wrist watch which were made in Soviet Union

in the city of Penza.
(The Penza watch factory) since 1935 and are made now.

% The mechanism # 2009B % Average daily course, from-30 seconds till +60 seconds % Term of power autonomy - not less than 30 hours. % Number of functional stones - 21,

factory number - 00955 % Stainless steel back, shock-resistant. % Overall dimensions are: length - 29 mm width - 32 mm (with crown) thickness - 6 mm % Perfectly work, in good condition. Shipping and handling:

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