WATERFALL SCROLL Feng Shui Oriental Wall Art Decor Gift

Waterfall Scroll
Waterfall Scroll In feng shui practice, waterfalls bring great good fortune, because water signifies wealth. This beautiful hand-painted scroll is mounted with decorative silk borders. A wooden rod is attached at the bottom to give the scroll the necessary weight to hang smoothly on a wall, as well as a means of being rolled up for storage. The scroll comes to you new, ready to hang.

The Monkey King offers a variety of hand-painted traditional Chinese scrolls created by expert artisans in China in the SCROLLS AND WALL ART section of our store.

MATERIAL : Durable Paper Matted on Silk Brocade Backing


SIZE : 68" x 28" when hanging

WEIGHT: 1 lb., 5 oz.

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We personally select our imported items from small family businesses and artisans in Asia. We ship our products to you from our retail store in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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