Brand New

Waterford Lismore Vase

Waterford Crystal Lismore Vase
Brand New in Waterford Box
This elegant, GIFT QUALITY vase is an original work of art made only by Waterford of Ireland in the Lismore Pattern. Made of heavy lead crystal which is 1/4 inch thick, this vase is 8 1/2 inches tall. You will recognize it as genuine Waterford crystal by the engraved signature "Waterford" on the base of the vase (the name of the finest crystal in the world).
The bouquet shaped vase is made from the finest crystal and has an intricate diamond and wedge cuts. The vase is Brand New and was purchased directly from Waterford. It is in perfect condition with all labels and stickers attached and is wrapped in Waterford paper. The vase will be delivered to you in the original Waterford box. You will also receive Waterford pamphlet which tells about Waterford crystal.
Waterford Crystal Lismore Pattern was created by Mirek Havel. The pattern's simplicity of style remains fresh and balanced 50 years after its introduction. Beloved by three generations of Waterford collectors, Lismore is, indeed, a classic.
Lismore takes its name from an ancient village that dates back to the early 7th century. Originally called Lios Mor Mocuda, by the 10th century Lismore has become one of Europe's great centers of learning. Destroyed
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