Waterford First Light Toasting Flutes Case/24 *NEW

Shelf Pulls

First Light Flutes were commissioned for Waterford Crystal collectors to celebrate the new millennium as well as other new events in life and business. The uniquely designed flutes were made in Waterford’s prestigious Ireland location and flown to New Zealand, which is the first land mass to see the earliest light of each day, and therefore the new millennium. They sold for $100 a flute.

The flutes were designed by Waterford Crystal’s most famous artisan, Jim O’Leary, who has been dubbed the “conscious of Waterford” for his strict adherence to Waterford’s renowned quality. For this set of flutes, he created a custom sunrise carved onto the top of a heavily cut horizon. Each glass has Waterford's famous tapered stem and classic sixteen point star. The flutes are rimmed in 18 ct. gold and bear Waterford’s classic etching on the base. They are made of the finest lead crystal and weigh more than other flutes made for commemorative purposes. The intircate deep cut horizon, sparkle & design have prompted collectors to describe First Light as Waterford’s best work!

The exclusive design makes the flutes a rare collector’s piece that can be enjoyed for the “First Light” of any new occasion: a marriage, the birth of a baby, a new job or any cause for celebration. You will receive these flutes re-packed
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