Waterford Powerscourt Gold Fountain Pen 18K Nib "New


Waterford Powerscourt Gold Fountain Pen "M" 18k Nib

Created by Hand and Heart

For over two centuries the name of Waterford has been synonymous with fine quality and excellence in craftsmanship .

Craftsmanship and Penmanship

The shape and proportions of the Powerscourt pattern are inspired by the architectural beauty of Powerscourt House, a magnificent Georgian mansion with internationally famous gardens in County Wicklow. The Powerscourt waterfall which cascades sharply from a 40 foot crag, is the highest waterfall in Ireland.

The Powercourt suite of Writing Instruments has been electroplated with five microns of gold over solid brass. The precious metal is then delicately hand-carved with a diamond tool to replicate the distinguished diamond crosses of the Powerscourt pattern -- a procedure influenced by the process which the skilled craftsmen of Waterford use to apply the Powerscourt pattern onto crystal.

The 18kt. gold Waterford nib is manufactured by a multi-stage process and hand-built to exacting tolerances. Each part of the nib assembly in turn requires careful build, post-finishing, chemical treatment and final setting, all of which must be done to perfection to ensure optimum writing quality.

Waterford Powerscourt Pens are no longer produced
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