Waterman C/F GP Barleycorn Fountain & Ball Point Pen

Waterman C/F GP Barleycorn Fountain & Ball Point Pen Description

Waterman Gold Plate C/F Barleycorn Design FP & BP Set


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The Waterman C/F of 1953 was the pen that introduced the modern plastic ink cartridge. Styled by famed automotive designer Harley Earl, it proved a great success. The 1950s were a bad time for Waterman in the USA, so most American pens were economy models, more often than not fitted with steel nibs. Pens sold by Waterman France, by contrast, were typically metal-covered, and into the 1980s competed in design, quality, and price with such higher-end pens as the Parker 75.

is a Waterman C/F Fountain Pen with what appears to be a FINE Point 18K Gold nib, which is engraved "18K - 750". The cap is engraved "Waterman - Plaque OR G" and the barrel is engraved "Made in France". Measures 5 1/4" capped. It has been inked, however no filling system is included. It writes very smoothly. T is a serial# on the rear of the grip section. Mint-, No dings, dents or serious scratches, just some micro scratching, and a few black spots in the grooves, which don't show on the image.

The Ball Point is similar. Twist action. The engraving on the cap, except for the C/F, is almost the same, except it is "Plaque OR G 20". The refill is dry. Also measures 5 1/4
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