Waterman Harley Davidson Petrol Tank Horizon Red Fountain Pen

PRODUCT INFORMATION : Waterman Harley Davidson Gas Tank Horizon RED Fountain Pen
Waterman remarkable history is a relentless quest to marry innovation, design and excellence. With unrivaled levels of quality and imagination, the grace, sensuality and distinctiveness of the WATERMAN brand have assured its place at the heart of French elegance and luxury for over 120 years. Blending prestigious materials, colour and a distinctive, vibrant personal style, WATERMAN continues to some of the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world today.

About The Product

A handwritten note has the power to change hearts, move minds and trick prison wardens. If you get conversation with a guy would know detailed information about bikes but are at a loss when it comes to writing love letters. Now that Valentine?s Day is right around the corner, it is the perfect gift instrument, a Harley Davidson Edition Waterman Pen.If you have a fancy sport bike, rest assured that these beauties will grab as much attention as your bike does! You can choose between the classic fountain pens or the more modern ballpoint pens. Fountain pen body is modeled after Harley-Davidson engine cylinder Fine writing pen ring is engraved with 'Harley-Davidson powered by Waterman' signature Harley-Davidson official bar and shield logo engraved
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