Old Wax Automaton Doll Music Box

this is an automated doll that was found in an old Cape Cod estate sale. The doll is made of wax with big blue glass eyes in a wooden box, with silk lining and straw filling. It plays a very nice lalaby which I do not know the name of. While the music plays, she lifts her head, open her big blue eyes, and lifts up her right arm then puts her arm down, rest her head on her arm and closes her eyes at the end of the song. The music box is marked "Lador Switzerland " This is the only marking I can find. The bed measures 19" wide, 9" high and 8" deep. The wax doll measures 11 1/2" long. My guess at age is around 1920's but not sure. It plays beautifully but because of its age, it probably could use a cleaning. The box for shipping will be 12" x 12" x 22" and approximately 7lbs