Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay Pedal

Here for sale is a brand new Way Huge Aqua Puss delay pedal.
It was given to me as a present but I can't find any room for it on my pedal board.
Way Huge Aqua Puss delay pedal.

Vintage-style analog delay.
20ms to 300ms of delay time.
Self-oscillating psycho-freak-out mode!

The Aqua-Puss MkII is making its triumphant return, ready to bathe a tone-thirsty world in gorgeously smooth delay. One twist of the Delay knob takes you from a tight 20ms delay to a cavernous 300ms. The Feedback control regulates delay duration and intensity. But watch out. Extreme settings can send the Aqua-Puss MkII into self-oscillating psycho-freak-out mode! Meanwhile the Blend knob lets you set a balance between dry and delayed signal—from mild to wild. The Aqua-Puss MkII delivers all the spooky mystery of vintage analog delay and tape-based echo, with none of the hassle of creaky, ancient gear.

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