Wayne Gas Pump Co. installation & service BIG manual

HUGE MANUAL EXTREMELY CLEAR and DETAILED CRISP copies. OUR PHOTOS DO NOT SHOW THE EXTREME DETAILS ! This came from a printer's bankruptcy sale six years ago. I have found all the sheets which were printed a long time ago to put together another of these copies. This is a complete set of the Installer's manual for Wayne gas pumps and unlike most that list only parts, this is a complete extremely detailed blue print set with extremely detailed sub drawings etc. PERFECT for the gas station preservationist or gas pump restorer. Gasoline pump technology in detail like your rusty project has not seen since new! I found parts on my project pump I never know were supposed to be on it until I read this PHOTOcopy of an original. The original must have had a stained cover as they show in the copy on this cover. The very long sheets fold up inside this big manual over 1 inch thick and Are shown unfolded in the photos so you can see the size of these terrific drawings/prints. Some of these sheets are almost three feet long !!!
“Installation and repair instructions for all Wayne Gasoline Pumps in Current Production” Complete parts list, exhaustive illustrated line drawings of each pump and every part on them. Cross sectional views of the pumps and each part numerically listed and pictured on each pump. Everything you ever wanted to know

Wayne Cut 40
Wayne Cut 40-A
Wayne Cut 50
Wayne Cut 60
Wayne Cut 81
Wayne Cut 730
Wayne Cut 276
Wayne Cut 395
Wayne Cut 420
Wayne Cut 515
Wayne Model 519 Visible Pump
Wayne Cut 615
Wayne Cut 617
Wayne Cut 619
Wayne Cut 665
Wayne Cut 667
Wayne Cut 669
Wayne Cut 711
Wayne Cut 851
Wayne Cut 851-A
Wayne Cut 851-AD
Wayne Model 228
Wayne Model 278
Wayne Model 576
Wayne Model 628 Visible Pump
Wayne Model 853 Gasoline metering system
Wayne Model 853-AP Gasoline metering system
Wayne Model 861 Gasoline metering system
Wayne Model 866 Gasoline metering system
Wayne Vacuum cleaner attachment for car washes
Wayne W-10, W-11 Car washer pump
Wayne Air Compressors Type W-1186, W-1358, W-276, W-276-s, W-2106, W-2146,
Wayne Air Compressors Type AC2, AC3, AC4, AC6, AC8, AC12,
Wayne Air Compressors Type W123, W133, W-143, W-144, W-174, W-2238,
Wayne electric type auto hoist Type AD, AF, B,

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