WCCF 06-07 MANCHESTER UNITED black & white 16 cards set

WCCF 06-07 MANCHESTER UNITED 16 black & white complete cards set

Now,I sell WCCF 06-07 WMVP CANNAVARO, EMVP CANNAVARO, CRA KAKA, many ICLE, and all WCCF 06-07 black & white, and 01-02 foil, black & white cards.

Please check my auction.

Only the buyer who accepts the following can bid my auctions.

1:The buyer must pay within 1 week of the buyer win.

2:If the buyer don't pay the Shipping insurance fee , I never secure any trouble of the shipping.

I don't have the discount service of the shipping cost for this item.

The shipping cost is US5$ for 1 set .

If no Shipping insurance, I never secure any trouble of the shipping.

But I send it out within three business days without fail.

Good Luck.